Nivetha Thomas made a striking debut in Tollywood with the film “Gentleman,” earning widespread acclaim for her performance and quickly winning hearts across the industry.

After a substantial hiatus, she has now announced her return with a new film titled “35- Chinna Katha Kaadu,” unveiling an intriguing title announcement poster that hints at the film’s setting in Tirupathi.

Directed by debutant Nanda Kishore, “35- Chinna Katha Kaadu” promises to be a refreshing addition to Nivetha’s filmography.

The project is backed by none other than Rana Daggubati, who is presenting the film under the prestigious banner of Suresh Productions. This collaboration has heightened expectations, given Suresh Productions’ reputation for delivering high-quality cinema to audiences.

Adding to the anticipation is the musical talent of Vivek Sagar, who is set to compose the film’s soundtrack. Known for his soulful and evocative compositions, Vivek Sagar’s music is expected to complement the narrative and enhance the emotional depth of “35- Chinna Katha Kaadu.”

The film features young and promising actors Priyadarshi and Vishwadev in lead roles, alongside Nivetha Thomas. This casting choice reflects a blend of established talent and emerging stars, suggesting a dynamic on-screen chemistry that will resonate with audiences.

Scheduled for release on August 15th, “35- Chinna Katha Kaadu” will hit screens in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam, aiming to captivate audiences across multiple linguistic regions. This multi-lingual approach underscores the film’s broad appeal and the producers’ commitment to reaching a diverse audience base.

As the film gears up for its theatrical debut, industry insiders and fans alike are keenly observing its progress. The choice of Tirupathi as a backdrop adds cultural richness and scenic beauty to the narrative, promising a visually captivating experience.

With Rana Daggubati’s backing and Suresh Productions’ meticulous approach to filmmaking, “35- Chinna Katha Kaadu” is poised to make a significant impact at the box office.

The film’s intriguing title and promising storyline have already generated considerable buzz within the industry, setting the stage for Nivetha Thomas to make a memorable comeback.

Stay tuned for more updates on “35- Chinna Katha Kaadu” as it approaches its release date. From promotional events to behind-the-scenes insights, the journey of this film promises to offer plenty of excitement and anticipation.

As audiences await its arrival, expectations are high for Nivetha Thomas and the entire team to deliver a captivating cinematic experience that resonates long after the credits roll.

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