Superstar Mahesh Babu recently took a break from his demanding schedule, including preparations for his highly anticipated collaboration with SS Rajamouli on the film tentatively titled SSMB 29, to attend a significant event in London.

This special occasion was none other than his son Gautam Ghattamaneni’s inaugural theatre stage performance. The play, titled Romeo Juliet & Etc., unfolded at London’s prestigious Unicorn Theatre, where Mahesh and his wife Namrata eagerly witnessed Gautam’s theatrical debut.

Namrata, beaming with pride, took to Instagram to share their heartfelt experience with fans and followers.

Her post featured captivating photos capturing the essence of the evening, alongside a heartfelt caption: “Such a special evening, so, so proud of Gautam Ghattamaneni. His first theatre stage performance all the way in London… and what a show it was. Loved it!! And loved you more, my son.”

She also highlighted the significance of programs like Joy of Drama, which provided Gautam with a supportive platform to explore and express his creative talents.

The Ghattamaneni family’s presence at Gautam’s play resonated deeply on social media, with admirers celebrating this milestone moment in Gautam’s artistic journey.

The event was further enriched by the presence of close friends and family, creating an atmosphere filled with joy and gratitude.

As Mahesh, Namrata, and Gautam prepare to return to India, the London performance stands as a memorable milestone not only for Gautam but for the entire family.

It underscores Gautam’s emerging talents in the performing arts while showcasing Mahesh and Namrata’s unwavering support for their son’s aspirations.

With Mahesh’s upcoming collaboration with SS Rajamouli generating considerable buzz and Gautam exploring new avenues in theatre, the Ghattamaneni family continues to inspire with their unity, accomplishments, and enduring love for the arts.

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