“Devara” is NTR’s much-anticipated new film, which has been in production for an extended period. The excitement surrounding the film continues to build as NTR returns from an overseas trip where he was shooting a stylish song sequence alongside Janhvi Kapoor.

The chemistry between the two stars has already sparked interest, and now there’s even more buzz due to Janhvi Kapoor’s reaction to NTR’s extraordinary dancing skills.

NTR, known for his impeccable dance moves, impressed everyone on set, especially Janhvi Kapoor. Despite being a trained dancer herself, Janhvi was in awe of how effortlessly NTR picked up complex dance steps.

According to sources close to the production team, Janhvi was taken aback by NTR’s ability to master intricate choreography in just one take, while she found herself needing more time to perfect the moves.

The source revealed that Janhvi was particularly amazed by NTR’s precision and speed in learning the steps. While she had to rehearse extensively and come to the set well-prepared to ensure she didn’t waste anyone’s time, NTR’s natural talent allowed him to nail the choreography with minimal effort.This stark contrast in their learning curves left Janhvi both impressed and motivated to up her game.

Janhvi’s dedication to her role is evident in her preparation. She reportedly spent numerous hours practicing to ensure her performance was flawless. Her commitment to excellence is commendable, and her efforts to match NTR’s energy and skill level on the dance floor highlight her professionalism and respect for her co-star’s talent.

The film “Devara,” directed by Koratala Siva, is shaping up to be a significant release. Koratala Siva is known for his ability to weave compelling narratives with powerful performances, and with the addition of Anirudh’s music, the film is expected to be a visual and auditory treat.

Anirudh’s compositions are anticipated to complement the film’s grandeur and the dynamic performances of its lead actors.

As the production progresses, fans are eagerly awaiting more updates and sneak peeks from the sets. The combination of NTR’s charismatic presence and Janhvi Kapoor’s dedication is expected to create an electrifying on-screen dynamic. Their shared sequences, especially the dance numbers, are likely to be major highlights of the film.

In conclusion, “Devara” promises to be a spectacular film with high expectations from fans and critics alike. The dedication and talent of the cast and crew are sure to deliver a memorable cinematic experience.

Stay tuned for more updates as the film approaches its release, and get ready to witness the magic of NTR and Janhvi Kapoor on the big screen.

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