King Nagarjuna was spotted at the Mumbai airport today, where an unfortunate incident cast a shadow over his visit. The event was captured in a video shared by Bollywood paparazzi, showing Nagarjuna walking through the busy terminal.

As he made his way through the crowd, an elderly fan, who was also part of the airport staff, eagerly approached the actor to take a selfie.

However, the situation escalated when Nagarjuna’s bodyguard, in an effort to maintain security, intervened aggressively.

The bodyguard pushed the elderly man aside with such force that he nearly fell. Oblivious to the incident behind him, Nagarjuna continued to make his way out of the airport, missing the distress his bodyguard’s actions had caused.

The video quickly went viral, sparking outrage on social media. Fans and the general public criticized the Tollywood star, interpreting his lack of immediate reaction as indifference and rudeness. The harsh treatment of the elderly fan, who had only wanted a brief moment with his idol, was widely condemned.

In response to the mounting criticism, Nagarjuna took to Twitter to issue a public apology. He expressed deep regret over the incident, saying, “This just came to my notice … this shouldn’t have happened!! I apologize to the gentleman, and will take necessary precautions that it will not happen in the future.”

Nagarjuna’s apology was directed not only at the elderly fan but also at all those who were upset by the incident.

Nagarjuna assured his followers that such behavior does not align with his values. He emphasized his appreciation for his fans, acknowledging their critical role in his success.

He committed to taking steps to ensure that his bodyguards handle future situations with more care and respect, thereby preventing any similar incidents.

This incident underscores the challenges celebrities face in balancing their personal security with the need to engage positively with their fans.

While it is crucial to protect public figures, it is equally important to ensure that this protection does not come at the expense of fan goodwill.

Nagarjuna’s quick and sincere apology highlights his dedication to maintaining a respectful and positive relationship with his admirers, demonstrating that he values their support and seeks to rectify any wrongs done to them.

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